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American German Dictionary — Usage of Phonetic Symbols

Please refer to the table in the section Encoding to ensure that the phonetic symbols are displayed completely and correctly.


[ ˈ◌ ]superior stroke: primary stress on the following syllable
[ ˌ◌ ]inferior stroke: secondary stress on the following syllable
[ ◌̩ ]vertical line below: syllabic consonant
[ ◌ ]superscript letter: optional sound


[ b ]boy, job
[ d ]do, dad
[ ᴅ ]butter, city, item, forty, little
[ ð ]that, father
[ f ]foot, phase, safe
[ ɡ ]go, dog
[ h ]home, behind
[ k ]cold, kick
[ l ]let, pool
[ m ]many, some
[ n ]next, open
[ ŋ ]ring, sink
[ p ]paper, people
[ r ]rest, card, father
[ s ]see, sauce, price
[ ʃ ]ship, dish, nation
[ tʃ ]children, church
[ t ]ten, after, meet
[ θ ]thing, both
[ v ]very, move
[ w ]watch, away
[ y ]yes, canyon, senior
[ z ]zero, noise, prize
[ ʒ ]pleasure, vision
[ dʒ ]jump, judge, bridge

Vowels in Stressed Syllables

[ iy ]each, sea, deep, chief, real
[ ɪ ]big, sing, fish, will, here
[ ey ]take, face, say, they, mail
[ ɛ ]best, dress, end, head, help
[ ᴂ ]area, parents, marry, chair, where
[ æ ]ask, man, sad, chance, bank
[ ɜ ]learn, prefer, bird, girl, church
[ ʌ ]bus, come, fun, love, touch
[ ɑ ]car, hard, hot, box, shop, rock
[ ay ]drive, high, sky, child, fire
[ aw ]house, cloud, cow, town, hour
[ ɒ ]talk, pause, law, cross, soft, song
[ ɔ ]corn, before, short, storm, door
[ ɔy ]point, voice, join, boy, soil
[ ow ]go, home, cold, boat, soul
[ uw ]blue, room, cool, soon, move
[ ᴜ ]good, book, full, wolf, push

Vowels in Unstressed Syllables

[ i ]copier, serial, many, cookie
[ ɪ ]important, inclusive, historical, morning, classic, message
[ ᵻ ]enough, application, architect, challenge, private, useless
[ ə ]arrival, support, banana, dangerous, position, computer
[ o ]window, also
[ u ]value, usual


Unicode (hex)GlyphRendering in Your Browser
0061latin small letter aa
0062latin small letter bb
0064latin small letter dd
0065latin small letter ee
0066latin small letter ff
0068latin small letter hh
0069latin small letter ii
006blatin small letter kk
006clatin small letter ll
006dlatin small letter mm
006elatin small letter nn
006flatin small letter oo
0070latin small letter pp
0072latin small letter rr
0073latin small letter ss
0074latin small letter tt
0075latin small letter uu
0076latin small letter vv
0077latin small letter ww
0079latin small letter yy
007alatin small letter zz
00e6latin small letter aeæ
00f0latin small letter ethð
014blatin small letter engŋ
0251latin small letter alpha or script aɑ
0252latin small letter turned alphaɒ
0254latin small letter open oɔ
0259latin small letter schwaə
025blatin small letter open e or epsilonɛ
025clatin small letter reversed open eɜ
0261latin small letter script gɡ
026alatin letter small capital Iɪ
0283latin small letter eshʃ
028clatin small letter turned vʌ
0292latin small letter ezhʒ
02c8modifier letter vertical lineˈ
02ccmodifier letter low vertical lineˌ
0329combining vertical line below̩
03b8greek small letter thetaθ
1d02latin small letter turned ae
1d05latin letter small capital D
1d1clatin letter small capital U
1d7blatin small capital letter I with stroke